Tips for keeping well as the days get colder

Winter can be a trying time both mentally and physically, the days are shorter, colder and darker and our bodies become susceptible to colds and flus. One way to avoid becoming run down and consequently sick is to slow down!  Winter hibernation is the ideal time of the year for our bodies to heal and rest.  Try to avoid rushing. Instead make a concerted effort to embrace a slower more relaxed pace during the cold winter months.  Balance out your social engagements with some quiet time at home like reading a book or making time for meaningful relationships with family and friends.  
Good sleeping habits, ideally rising at 7am and retiring at 10pm at the latest will help with our vitality and strengthen our bodies in the winter months.
Another way to support optimal health through the winter months and change how you are feeling whether physically or emotionally is to exercise.  If you are feeling overextended and tired, opt for gentle exercises like walking, Tai Chi or Yoga. If you are feeling sluggish and heavy, go for a more vigorous workout like a bike ride, a jog or a gym session.
As soon as you get any signs of coming down with a cold or flu …stop and slow down!
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