Alison’s Mission

As a holistic practitioner, Alison’s mission is to find the underlying cause of acute and chronic conditions, as opposed to just treating and suppressing the symptoms of ill health. Alison selects individualised treatment programs for her clients to support, stimulate and strengthen the body’s systems as well as restoring general health and vitality on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Alison has a particular interest in treating women, children and teenagers, having a breadth of experience in women’s health and the wisdom of raising three children of her own.

Treatment programs will consider changes in diet, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplementation. Bach flower essences are also incorporated in the naturopathic consultation to address stress and any emotional imbalances. In addition to this holistic approach to healing, Alison incorporates Bowen therapy into her client’s treatment plan to help the body reach a state of balance and harmony. In this state the body is able to repair itself – addressing internal systems, the musculoskeletal system and the emotions.