Kind Words

Clare 51, Lindfield

The service Alison provides specifically around adolescent health is remarkable. Alison has looked after my three teenage children over many years using Bowen for different physical ailments ranging from teeth grinding, neck problems, migraine multiple different rugby injuries, and concussions.  Alison’s use of Bowen is progressive and has achieved great results for all issues after each treatment.  Her use of natural medicine including herbs has also been healing and effective for colds, stress and particularly for a recent bout of glandular fever.

Alison explains the methods of Bowen succinctly so teenagers understand what each move means and how they will feel during and after the treatment.  

Her method and technique is gentle and works not just physically but mentally as well.

I couldn’t recommend Alison more highly in her treatment of our three teenage children using Bowen technique and natural medicine.

Annabel 20, Roseville

Alison helped me when no other doctors could give a solution for my IBS and stomach cramps. With the natural pills that she prescribed me, a few sessions of the ‘Bowen Technique’ and some small changes in my diet, my IBS is the best that it’s been for a very long time. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone with similar problems.

Chris 28, Willoughby

I have suffered with anxiety and related digestive problems for most of my adult life, despite trying a range of practitioners in numerous fields as well as numerous detoxification and diet plans. However, since being recommended to Alison about 4 years ago, we have worked together to successfully treat and manage my anxiety and IBS so that they no longer get in the way of my ability to live a confident and happy life. Alison uses Bowen therapy, herbal medicine and nutrition as the crux of our treatment, which I found to be a well-rounded approach in comparison to some of the single discipline practitioners I’ve used in the past. I particularly find Bowen to be extremely helpful in calming my body and refocusing energy where it’s most needed, which leaves me feeling positive and revitalised every time I walk away. I would highly recommend Alison as a Natural Therapist and only wish that I, myself, could have discovered her earlier.

Keith 55, St Ives

I had my first Bowen treatment just before my 55th birthday. I had been diagnosed with arthritis of both shoulders and told I would be a candidate for a double shoulder replacement in the future. I had not been able to use my shoulders for four years and the muscles in my arms, shoulders and chest had wasted so much that I had dropped a shirt size. I was feeling pretty bleak about the future.

My wife had just discovered Bowen Therapy and was amazed at how it had improved her back so I went to Alison in the hope that Bowen Therapy could also help my shoulders.

From the first couple of sessions I began to feel improvement in my shoulders. Now, after a year of Bowen Therapy, my wasted muscles are well on the way to rebuilding and I am back to using my shoulders normally every day without pain or medication.

I have no doubt that Bowen Therapy has given me back my shoulders.